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Discover Coastal Elegance

Long known for its breathtaking seascapes and internationally acclaimed seafood, the Town of Chatham is home to many spectacular dining experiences. Chatham Hospitality Group has added two more of these culinary gems for your consideration, Pate’s and The Chatham Cut, each situated idyllically 100 yards from each other on the same side of Route 28.

Welcoming patrons since the late 1950’s, and now under new ownership, Pate’s is Chatham Hospitality Group’s flagship property. Significant improvements by the new owners have created a space that exudes quality. From the moment you step inside this newly renovated space, you are struck by the inviting updates that surround you. A crisp, clean atmosphere highlights this re-invented establishment and immediately envelops you with its vibrant energy, incredibly efficient host staff, attentive and professional waitstaff, and an exhilarating vibe from the bar. It all culminates in an energetic feel that is uplifting and fun, but clearly run by professionals who take their job seriously.

Whether settled into one of the deep rounded, high back booths, an intimate fireside table for two, or a coveted seat at their thoughtfully designed “community” bar, the entire team at Pate’s will take you on a dining journey that marries tradition with innovation, energy and passion.

 Culinary Director and Owner, Chef Anthony Silvestri, relying heavily on his 30 years in the restaurant industry, is constantly seeking ways to combine his past with contemporary flair.  Silvestri’s breadth of experience includes stints in New York, Rhode Island, Asia, and the Cape. His approach is based on creating simple, clean, and locally sourced ingredients that draw locals and vacationers back to Pate’s night after night.

Recently discovered and thoughtfully perfected, Chef Silvestri came across the recipe for Pate’s Key Lime Pie, originally served at the restaurant in the 1950s. He added this favored Florida cuisine to the menu as a nod to the Pate’s of the past, showing respect to the decades long customers who remember Pate’s rich history.   In the scratch kitchen of Pate’s, meat is hand trimmed and cut hours before you arrive. Nose-to-tail, nothing goes to waste and ingredients, if possible, are sourced locally. From nearby farms to an oyster supplier a block away, Pate’s brings only the freshest ingredients to the table, much like its sister restaurant, The Chatham Cut, just down the road.

The extensive menu at Pate’s includes fresh day-boat seafood, innovative appetizers, salads, flatbreads, entrees, a la carte sides, as well as vegan and gluten-free options. At Pates, you’ll find choices with an Asian influence, as well as classic dishes like their Surf & Turf, a perfectly grilled, sliced Flat Iron steak served with Lobster Ravioli, topped with fresh lobster meat and a truffle crème sauce. Pate’s daily specials are driven by seasonal availability, an original New England farm-to-table concept. You’ll find items on Pate’s menu that you won’t encounter anywhere else.

Silvestri’s Tuna Cones ($27), a favorite among locals, are a flight of six miniature sweet-salty cones filled with sashimi-grade tuna poke, scallions, and topped with wasabi foam. Absolutely legendary. The Peking Duck Tacos ($18) prepared with hoisin barbecue sauce infused pulled pork topped with a dollop of avocado purée, artfully encased in a hand rolled shell is a festival of tender and crisp. These and other small plates are shareable concepts that bring conversation to the table.

Other offerings include their Everything Crusted Ahi tuna; a handsome portion of sushi grade tuna, pan seared and encrusted with an Everything Spice, then gently nestled on a bed of black rice, mango chili salsa, garlic fried snap peas, drizzled in a citrus soy reduction, finished with a sprinkling of scallions.

There are numerous other simple yet cooked-to-perfection offerings such as their Grilled Giannone Chicken with Chive Whipped Potatoes, Sugar Snap Peas, and Whole-Grain Mustard Sauce ($28). The brined chicken is grilled to crispy exterior perfection while the meat is juicy, tender, and perfectly seasoned. Their Chatham Oysters and Local Littleneck Clams ($18 for ½ dozen) could not be fresher, sourced from merchants blocks from the restaurant. Chef Silvestri says, “I won’t serve fish unless it’s peak fresh”, and this was evident in a recent kitchen visit, where Silvestri was butchering a whole tuna to be used in the cones, the Ahi entree, and a sashimi appetizer.

The creative freedom Chef Silvestri encourages behind the line has led his team of executive chefs and seasoned sous to confidently add entrees to the menu, like the White Bolognese; Reginetti pasta, beef, spinach, peas and parmesan, thoughtfully crafted and carefully prepared. Pate’s Executive Chef, Carlos Morocho, has honed his skills working in fine dining establishments and brings a fresh, creative spin to all his creations, not to mention a warm smile that is sure to fill your heart just like the dishes he creates nightly at Pate’s.

If it’s cocktails you’re after, Pate’s elegant “community” bar, presided over by local legend and partner, Jamie Edwards, is the place to come for “dinner and a show.”   Regarded as one of the best bar meisters on Cape Cod, Jamie and his capable staff will welcome you to the bar, introduce you to your fellow bar patrons and make you feel part of everyone’s experience.  Jamie’s artistry is not just creating “community” but also in crafting exquisite cocktails that pay homage to the classics. He is constantly curating new and creative offerings that are uniquely Pate’s.  An experience where every drink comes with a side of humor and camaraderie. Once settled onto a barstool, you’ll be treated to a performance that blends mixology mastery with charismatic storytelling; you might arrive a stranger, but you will leave having made a few new friends.

With over 30 years of hands-on experience, there isn’t a drink ‘Startender’ Jamie can’t pour. From Boston to New York, Miami to Vegas, San Diego to Portland, Maine, Jamie Edwards brings a unique flair to the heart of Chatham and sets the tone for his team and a night you’ll not soon forget.

Overseeing the front of the house is General Manager, Rebecca Banas, whose drive and dedication are underpinned by extensive experience running restaurants and other endeavors. Mindful of the human experience, Banas prompts her staff regularly to treat patrons with care, remembering that everyone is either celebrating, searching, or mourning. Pate’s has a long history of being a family restaurant, and a visit to Pate’s will leave you feeling like beloved family with your stomach full and your heart content.

In an age where culinary trends shift like sand dunes, The Chatham Hospitality Group’s scratch kitchens stand as a testament to the enduring appeal of tradition, and the alluring appeal of innovation. Pate’s is a place where a culinary director’s legacy infuses each dish with the wisdom of years gone by, where a general manager’s hospitality transforms every visit into an unforgettable experience, and where the bartender’s lively charm elevates your dining experience to new heights.

So, whether you are a traveler seeking a taste of nostalgia or a local looking for a haven of comfort, a trip to Pate’s will enchant you. With its clean, modern ambiance, exquisite flavors, and the passion of those who curate it, this culinary haven promises to surprise you!

Just forty-five minutes from the bridge, Pate’s is also the perfect place to host your next holiday party or private event. Specializing in curating perfectly memorable occasions, Pate’s can accommodate up to 200 guests. 1260 Main Street, Chatham, MA. Call today to speak with one of their Private Event Coordinators. Book a reservation for dinner now on Open Table or call Pate’s directly at 508-945-9777. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram #pateschatham.